Garden: Balchik
Date published: 11.03.2019

Corona, The First and Concerto are new varieties in the spring collection of UBG-Balchik

From this week for the first time visitors to the University Botanic Garden can see our earliest flowering varieties of tulips.

We mark the end of the winter with the flowering of the spieces of the earliest group of tulips called Kaufmanniana (Kaufmanniana). They are low-stemmed and simple-colored tulips in different color and height - only 20-30 cm. Their native country is Turkey, where they are wild, but introduced in Europe in 1877. They can be seen in almost any color, also two-colored.

The well-known and earliest representative of the Kaufmanian class, Guiseppe Verdi, has already been overtaken by the completely new species of the same class: Corona and The First. You will find the Corona in the Garden of the Nursery, The First - in the Grounding Garden Ground, and Guiseppe Verdi - in the gardens around Prince Nicholas Villa.

Similar, but larger than the Kaufmanian class, are the representatives of the Imperial Tulips or the Fosteriana class (T. Fosteriana). In Garden Nursery you can see the Concerto variety. The colors of the Concerto have elegant creamy white colors and gray-green leaves on a black base.

For enormous joy in the Rosary garden, the varieties Hakuun and Exotic Emperor have blossomed.

We expect more than 125 varieties and over 60 000 pcs. bulbs tulips to reveal their beauty in the flower gardens, gardens and the collections of University Botanic Garden Balchik.

Author: DD/UBGBk

T. Guiseppe Verdi

T. Coronа

T. The First

T. The First

T. The First

T. Concerto

T. Hakuun

T. Exotic Emperor

Photograph: MD/UBGBk