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Category: BIG PICNIC, Events, Food
Date published: 06.10.2017

Traveling Exhibitions that present the “urban gardening” topic in our Black Sea Botanic Gardens

The sequence of Traveling Exhibitions in Bulgaria within the international project that is focused on the problems of food security was organized in the University Botanic Gardens – Balchik and Varna at the end of the month of September. Via interactive demonstrations and discussions the guests at the Exhibition learned about the idea of the BIG PICNIC: Big Questio Project. The participants took part in the creation of a conceptual map which is to help in the establishment of a general understanding in connection with food safety in this country. The discussion this time as well was focused on the responsibility in the import and production of quality foods, as well as on the active role of the consumers purchasing such foods. The economic factor stood out as a significant problem in connection with the access to quality foods. In Bulgaria, the households spend on food one third of their income on average, and at places they are even higher.

The traditional urban agriculture has its place in the small towns, yet the appreciation of the edible plant species challenged the interest of the audience also as part of growing plants both at home and in the garden. This aspect of the contemporary trend of vertical gardening strongly impressed the audience and provoked a desire in the visitors to build their own corner of edible plant species and spices in their homes.
Chef Chakarov and Chef Dorina Tasheva aroused the interest of young and old with the culinary demonstration of a healthy, delicious and enjoyable to prepare home-made appetizer with a variety of products grown in the University Botanic Gardens. The most critical audience – in the face of the children, actively engaged in the preparation and arrangement of the food, in the tasting and in the adding of good ideas.
The thematic exhibition providing traditional and little known plant species that have their place on our table was exhibited in an Exposition Greenhouse in the Botanic Garden – Balchik, and at the “Delvite” Barbeque in Ecopark Varna. For the youngest visitors we organized botanic workshops dedicated to getting acquainted with the different parts of the plants we eat.
It will also be possible to visit the Exhibition in the winter months as well in the “Cacti and Succulents” greenhouse exposition in the Botanic Garden – Balchik.