Zanthoxylum armatum DC

Garden: Balchik
Season: Winter

Zanthoxylum armatum DC is an evergreen bush or small tree from Rutaceae family. Rutaceae includes decorative, herbal and essential oil plants.

It is distributed from India, through Southeast Asia to Japan. The leaves and seeds can be used as herbs and аs condiment. There are many ways to be implemented. The seeds can be ground and used as a substitute for black pepper. The fruits, twigs and thorns are used in traditional medicine for toothache, by grinding or crunching. The tea leaves help for stomach pains, and the paste of them is applied to cut wounds. The root can be boiled for 20 minutes and the filtered water used for purification of internal parasites. Zantoxilum resin is diluted and used as a tonic and stimulant.


This plant can be seen on several places in the University Botanic Garden of Balchik: In the Nursery garden; Carnation garden; Spring Garden, English Courtyard and the Coniferous array.