Haemanthus albiflos Jacq.

Garden: Balchik
Season: Summer

Haemanthus albiflos Jacq. or Paint Brush in English, is an evergreen bulbous perennial geophyte with small white flowers in dense umbels in family of the Amaryllidaceae (Amaryllis Family). The whole plant grows to 20–30 cm tall when in flower by 15 cm wide.
Fruits: If pollinated, it produces clusters of most attractive berry which take a bright orange or vermilion colour (occasionally white) when ripe. The berry are about the size of a pea, oval, fleshy, three-celled, with one-seeded cells and have a distinctive musty odour.
Blooming season: It has a long flowering period extending from late autumn to winter, but sporadic blooms may also appear at any time of the year under cultivation.
Haemanthus albiflos can be seen in the exhibition greenhouse of  University botanical garden of Balchik.