Passiflora amethystina J.C.Mikan

Garden: Sofia
Season: Autumn

Passiflora (Passion flower), is a genus of flowering plants originating from North America, South America and Australia. More than 500 species are known, including vines, shrubs, and trees. The Latin name comes from the words "passus" and "flos", respectively "suffering" and "color", and is received by the early catholic missionaries in South America who have named it so in honor of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Individual species have a variety of color shades and the fruits of some of them are edible.
Passiflora amethystina  is a beautiful representative of the genus. The leaves of the vine are bluish-green, opposite and three-lobed, in the axils of which tendrils are formed in order to support the plant. Flowering period is long and abundant. The individual flower is purple, with a slight scent and can reach up to 6 cm in diameter. This beautiful flowerning vine can be seen in the greenhouses of the University Botanical Gardens - Sofia.