The Zingiberaceaefamilyis represented by approximately25 genera and more than 1,000 species. They are spread in the tropical regions,with the most species growing in Southeast Asia.
Thefamilyincludes perennial plants mostly such with climbing horizontal or tuberous roots. The leaves arelinear or elliptic. The flowersare bisexual, highly zygomorphic (irregular), often connected with the bractsin a raceme (not well defined) inflorescence.The perianth is double-breasted, 3-lobed. They are distinguished by the labelium formed by the merging of two sterile stamens and the existence of essential oils in their tissues. The ovary is inferior, trilocular,with two or a multitude of ovules. The fruit is a capsule or a berry.
The members of theZingiberaceaefamily most often are used as a spice or as ornamental plants.