The Urticaceaeare afamily of angiosperm plantsthat includes approximately 2,600 speciesunited according to different classifications in 54 to79 genera. They are most often shrubs orherbaceous plants, although there are also several dendriform genera.
The leaves are alternate or opposite, withstipules.The raceme is cymose (topical). The flowersare primarily unisexual, regular, monoecious ordioecious, with a 4or 5-lobed calyx.The male flowers have4-5 stamens, while in the female flowers the seed-vessel is made of 2fruit-bearing leaves. The fruit is a nut.
Themembers of the familyare spread in the tropical and temperate latitudes. In terms of their economic significance, the Urticaceaeare used in the production of fiber for the textile industry, and less often as food.