The Tiliaceaefamily includes 45 genera andapproximately 700 species spread primarily in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Only the lime (Tilia L.)genus has adopted itself to the regionswith temperate and cooler climate. The Tiliaceaeplants are primarily deciduous trees andshrubs.The plantsof the familyhave bisexual flowers with a 5-lobbed calyx and a corolla, their stamens are more than 10, and their seed-vessel is formed by the accretion of two or more fruit-bearing leaves.The fruitof most of the members of thefamilyis a dry or fleshy capsule. Only with the Lime (Tilia L.) genus the fruit is a spherical dry nut. The Tiliaceaeare insect pollinated plants. It has been determined that their pollinators are more than 70 speciesofinsectsattracted by the large quantity of aromatic nectar in their flowers.