The Nymphaeaceaefamilyconsists of aquatic angiospermherbaceous plants. Some species form powerful rhizomes to live through the unfavorable periods and to propagate. The leaves float on the water surface or are submerged arranged on a long stalk (the Nymphaea alba L species has leaves as long as 5 meters). The floating leaves are whole, leathery, with strongly protruding veins on their inferior side.Their surface is covered with a wax layer that keeps them from getting wet.The flowers are large solitary arranged on long stalks –bisexual. Pollination is entomophilic (as they are insect-pollinated),most often by beetles.The fruits are capsules covered with fungal succulent tissue that helps them to spreadin the water. They ripen beneath the water, yet their seeds surface. They are brightly colored and attract the birds that spread them.