The Malvaceaefamily consists of flowering plants and includes around 200 genera and2,300 species. Greater significance in this country has the species Hollyhock tree (Hibiscus syriacus L.). It is a deciduous shrub or low tree of 2-5 meters of height метра. The leaves are alternately arranges, egg-shaped and rhomboid, with a cuneiform and uncut base, 10-14 cm longand three-lobbed. They are roughly and unevenly cut above the base. The flowers are solitary, large – up to 12 cm and of different hue – white, pink, red, and blue. The fruit is a five-ridged capsule. The blooming season is prolonged and late – from mid July to the beginning of September.They originate from China and India.
In present-day classifications of the group by phylogeny of angiosperm (APG),the familyhas a wider range than in the classical morphologic systems and includes the traditional families of the Bombacaceae, Tiliaceae andSterculiaceae.