Bromeliads are afamily that consists of approximately 3,170 species of perennial angiosperm that are distributed primarily in the tropical regions of America and West Africa. Bromeliadsare epiphytes (organisms that live attached to other live plants).There are terrestrial species, as well as succulent plants distributed in the drier regions of low humidity. There are also lithophytes and lithophytic bromeliads.
It is quite characteristic of the bromeliadsthat most of them are capable of trapping water in their rosettes.They are one of the smallest ecosystems.Many species of frogs transfer and grow their tadpoles in them after their incubation until the process of metamorphosis.
The flowers are most often gathered in a raceme, yet sometimes they are single ones. After fading, the mother plant dies, yet laterally or sometimes in the center of the raceme there develops a new plant that isabsolutely identical with the mother plant. One of the genera is the well-known pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) that gives delicious nutrient rich fruits.