The crucifers are a family of angiosperm plants that has 380 genera and around 3,000 species. They are primarily herbaceous plants and grow in regions with different altitude. Predominant are species adapted to dry or arid habitats. The flowers are consecutive and without stipules. The flowers are bisexual, regular, gathered in cluster-like or shield-shaped inflorescences. The calyxes are 4 – in two circles of two each в два кръга по две(sometimes the inner ones contain nectar), the petals are 4 reminiscent of a cross from where the name of the family is derived. The number of stamens is 6 – an outer pair with short stems and two internal pairs with long stems. The nectar discs are at the base of the stamens. The fruit vessel is one with a superior ovary consisting of 2 bilocular carpels.The fruit is a bivalve capsule with a ‘dummy bar’,the so called pod or tiny pod. The form of the fruits changed from oblong to spherical. The seeds are arranged in one or two rows.
The members of the family are dispersed primarily in the moderate climate widths – the Mediterranean region,Southwest and Central Asia.
In terms of their economic significance, most often they are used as medicinal plants with application in medicine, as well as vegetables, forage, oil-bearing plants and for ornamental purposes.