The Bombacaceae family includes 30 genera and approximately 250 species of deciduous or coniferous tropical trees.The leaves in the better part of the species are simple, and the flowers are usually regular (actinomorphic) and bisexual. Flowers are usually short lived Flowersте обикновено са краткотрайни (they exist just one day. The Bombacaceae family is among the few families with flowers pollinated by bats. Their flowers are attractive also to various insects and birds – because of the nectar they contain.
Some of the genera reach huge dimensions (height of up to 70 meters). They have great impact on economy as regards to the production of timber, fibers and edible fruits.The species of the Bombacaceaefamily along with the members of the Tiliaceae andSterculiaceaefamilies in some newer classifications of the angiosperm are included as subfamilies of the Malvaceaefamily.