The family consists of approximately1,400species of annual and perennial flowering plants.They are herbaceous semi-shrubs and low shrubs naturally spread in the tropical and sub tropical regions of America, Africa, South East, Asia, the island of Madagascar, and elsewhere.The Begoniaceaefamily is named after the Governor of Haiti and famous botanist M. Begon (1638-1710). In an expedition in 1690 in the region of Central America,M Begon discovered six new species of plants, the begonia among them.The locals had given this peculiar plant the name totonkaksokso koiolin. Later, the plant was described and received the name „begonia rosea flore folio orbiculate”, or in other words, ‘begonia with the color of a rose and round leaves’.The begonia plant was first introduced as an ornamental plant in England in 1777.
Begonias grow in humid, shady places and on old tree’s roots and in the cracks in rocks.Numerous species of begonias are grown indoors, and have colorful decorative leaves of different forms and sizes.