The Asparagaceaefamily numbers 153genera and 2,480 species dispersed all over the world except for the polar widths. South Africa is native to 29 genera and 769 species of all the members of the family.
The Asparagaceaeplants are characterized with signs close to those describing the Liliaceaefamily. The small in size flowers have the same structure as the ones of the plants in the Liliaceaefamily, namely, a simple bract with 6 leaflets, 6 stamens, and a pistil.The fruit develops from it AND CONTAINS several large seeds.In contrast to the Liliaceae, the Asparagaceaedo not form bulbs.They are characterized by horizontal roots from which stem photosynthesizing nodes.Many, but not all of the Asparagaceaelack green leaves.Photosynthesis is carried out by thickened branches located in the bosoms of the small scaly leaves. In the asparagus (genera Asparagus L.) these branches are quite tiny, while in some other genera of the family they are so large they could be mistaken for leaves.There are also members of the family that have large flat photosynthesizing branches.