The Amaryllis family consists of angiosperm of perennial monocot herbaceous plants. The family is represented by some 60 genera and 900 species.
The Amaryllis plants are bulb ones with linear leaves stemming from the root. The flowers are bisexual, regular, arranged in umbels at the apex of the leafless flowering stems.They usually have a pleasant smell, different size and a lot of various hues in the different members. The perianth is formed of 6 petals with or without a crown. The number of stamens also is 6.The seed-vessel is formed of 3 sub-leaves with an inferior ovary.The fruit is a capsule, rarely berry-like.
The members of the family are primarily spread in the tropic and in the subtropical regions. A large number of the species are medicinal plants with application in medicine – containing specific alkaloids (galantamine and licorin).