Agavaceaeis a family of monocot flowering plants the order of Asparagales. It includes 550 species incorporated in 18 genera,primarily desert and dry zone types, spread in the tropical, subtropical and warm moderate regions of the world.The family consists mostly of plants with a very well developed root or stem. Agavaceae are primarily succulents with large fleshy or leathery leaves gathered in a rosette.The blossoms are bisexual, regular or irregular.The perianth is formed of 6 identical leaves. The number of stamens is also 6. The seed-vessel is with a superior or inferior ovary.The fruit is either a capsule or berry-like.
As to the economic significance of the members of the family, these plants are used most often for decorative purposes (Yucca L.; Agave L. – century-plant), as fibrous plants, and in alcohol production(tequila) - Agave tequilana var. Weberi F.A.C. Weber.