Garden: Balchik
Date published: 21.10.2019

The cacti and succulents оutdoors at University Botanic Garden-Balchik are preparing for the winter

The University Botanical Garden - Balchik is world-famous with the second largest collection of cacti and succulents in Europe after that of Monaco.

Today, dozens of employees are engaged in the responsible task of carrying around 700 succulents from the Exposition in the God's Garden to a dedicated greenhouse. Over 500 of them are cacti, some weighing up to 650-700 kg. The cacti are mainly from the genus Opuntia (Opuntia), and the succulents are from the genus Aloe, as well as from the families Milky (Fam. Euphorbiaceae) and Centennial (Fam. Agavaceae).
The plants will spend the Balchik winter in a closed greenhouse at a temperature of about 15 ° C, where they will not be accessible to visitors' views until spring, when they will again be brought outdoors.

Author: DD/UBGBk

Photograph: DD/UBGBk