The Pteridaceae are afamily of fern plants of the Polypodialesorder.Most members of this familygrow in rock crevices, while others thrive in the soil. The leaves are almost always complex, the soria lie linearly on the periphery.Usually the organs for sexless propagation are not covered with an indusial of their own, and the protective function is supplied by the fruitful edges of the lobes of the leaves.
The Pteridaceaeinclude four groups of genera recognized as separate families: Adiantum L. (Adiantaceae); Cheilanthes Sw. (Cheilanthoideae); Pteris L. (Pteridoideae); Hemionitis L. (Hemionitidaceae). These appear as subfamilies of the Pteridaceaefamily despite the fact that genetic research is still carried out to confirm this.